GoPro CEO Nick Woodman on 60 Minutes

Posted November 12, 2013 by Dave Lawton in Other sports
Nick Woodman is a surfer who started GoPro 12 years ago out of his car.

GoPro is now the best selling camera in the world and Nick Woodman is a billionaire who takes a private jet on surf trips around the world.

The evolution of the camera has been astounding, and the amount of mindblowing new footage out there is ever increasing.

It's one of the only cameras in the world used by both amateurs and professionals.

The camera revolutionized the ability to self-document video and capture unique perspectives, a paradigm shift in technology.

Watch the story of GoPro and see the best footage the cameras have taken to date:


Yeah GOPRO for the win!!

amazing video...the best of gopro
Denis Dufresne

can't wait to buy my hero 3+, those are simply amazing!!!!