Snowboard Slopestyle At The Winter Olympics

Posted February 16, 2014 by Anita Choudhary in Snowboard
The 2014 Olympic Snowboard slopestyle for men and women was held at Rosa Khutor Extreme Park in Russia. There were ten total different snowboard events; five for men and five for women. The events are Parallel Slalom, Parallel Giant Slalom, Halfpipe, Slopestyle, and Snowboard Cross. Slopestyle was a new event for the 2014 Olympics. The slopes were modified from the original set after several complaints of jumps being too steep and one injury. Snowboarding was one of the five new sports that were introduced to the Olympics in 1998 held in Nagano, Japan. There were two events for men and two for women that year; the Giant Slalom Skiing and the half pipe. The first man and woman to win the gold in the first ever snowboarding event in the Olympics were Karine Ruby of France and Ross Rebagliati of Canada.

To qualify for the 2014 Olympics, an individual must place in the top thirty during the World Cup Event or during the 2013 World Championships. Both offered a very challenging course to achieve the highest scores. Only a daring sportsman can take the challenge of maneuvering high-flying twists along a series of ramps set down a slope. The risky maneuvering and aerial flips require tenacity and extreme endurance and though it is a fairly new extreme sport to be added in the Olympics, it is quickly catching the attention of the world.

The FIS or Fédération International de Ski is an organization that governs the ski and snowboarding rules and regulations. FIS is responsible for organizing snow sport disciplines and travels around the world to oversee snowboarding and skiing competitions.

During the 2014 Sochi Olympics, USA brought home the gold for both the men and women. In the women’s category, it was Jamie Anderson of USA who brought home the gold. Following her was Enni Rukajarvi of Finland winning the silver and Jenny Jones of Great Britain winning the bronze. In the men’s division, it was Sage Kotsenburg of USA who won the Gold, Staale Sandbech of Norway brings in the silver, and Mark McMorris of Canada finishes up with the bronze.

With the slopestyle event now over and winners announced the media is a great way to look back at every trick, turn, and attempt and the very moment that the winners took the medals. This new event not only brought a different competition to the already challenging Olympic game list but it also brought out the talents of men and women from all around the world.