FMB World Tour: New Factory Team Ranking

Posted March 24, 2014 by Dave Lawton in MTB

Munich, 24th March 2014 - This year, athletes will not only be riding for the FMB World Tour Champion title but also for the chance to crown their bike manufacturer with the all new, FMB World Tour Factory Team title.

Ranking information:
• A new ranking, integrated into the 2014 FMB World Tour structure
• Factory Team ranking is open to all bike manufacturers
• Each Factory Team will be ranked according to the top 6 results from their registered athletes
• Factory Teams can register until April 18th. Click here to apply.

Every year we see the riders going head to head for the FMB World Tour title and each year the level rises and we are blown away by the action. This year, the FMBA is also giving bike companies a platform to compete on. Their efforts, support and input into the mountain bike industry should be well recognized. Essentially, without them athletes would not be able to compete on the level which has established today. Naturally, all the legwork will be left to the riders - they will represent their factory team and be battling to rise above the other competing teams for the overall title. The ranking already includes some of the very best manufacturers with solid riders, so we can expect the battle to be fierce. The new Factory Team ranking will also give fans, media as well as companies the chance to follow the achievements of the Factory Teams and their registered athletes.

The Factory Team ranking is as official as it gets, you can follow the ranking to see which bike manufacturer is leading the season on:

Let’s take a look at which Factory Teams have already registered:

Earlier this year, the FMBA announced the new FMB Diamond Series and the FMB Factory Team ranking is another step in the progression of the sport. With so many innovative manufacturers on the scene producing awesome bikes – it’s time to see which team can rise to the top. Mountain bike fans tend be very loyal, early on they will choose a brand and stick with them as the years go by. Now, loyal fans have the opportunity to follow their favorite factory team throughout the FMB World Tour season. Good luck all the riders and their Factory Team!