The Best Hoodie You'll Ever Own

Posted December 29, 2012 by whisdude in Ski, Snowboard
The Matix Asher is a great sweatshirt, the best you'll ever have. The goodness starts with a super warm and cozy hoodie. The best part is that there is a lining on the inside of the hoodie, no doubt you've seen the opposite which is a nylon coat with a fuzzy lining on the inside, but this is much better. It's a sweatshirt with a nylon lining inside which ensures you stay dry at all times, which is perfect for snowboarding or whatever you're doing, plus it feels like you're wearing a hoodie, not a coat. Even if it's soaking wet, the part that is next to your body stays dry due to the nylon.

I bought one of these up in Whistler about a year ago, and have since bought a couple more, it's all I wear during spring riding months, and with a shell on top, it's all I wear in the winter as well. To top it all off, it looks and feels awesome just for chilling and there's lots of sizes and designs available. It's easily become my favourite style of hoodie, and I bet you'll love it too. Check them all out at Amazon, here's a few of the designs for men: