Dave Lawton
The Infamous Roxy Pro Biarritz 2013 Commercial and Paro...
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This video recently sparked tons of controversy because it doesn't actually have a single wave in it! It also doesnt show the girls face and asked users to try and identify who it is, it looks more li...
Liquid Movement
Liquid Movement - Nonprofit Spreading the Shred
Liquid Movement is a non-profit brand fueled by the wake, snow, skate and surf communities. While attending Appalachian State University and becoming heavily involved in the snowboarding community, we...
Alessandro Schneider – the global surf network
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Discover the one stop solution for everything on surfing- As an avid surfer you have probably always wanted to explore new adventures and thrills and wanted to be part of the global s...
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Dave Lawton
Shark Proof Wetsuits
Posted in Surf by Dave Lawton
Brand new shark repellant wetsuit and surfboard developed by Shark Attack Mitigation Systems - SAMS. If you look closely, the stripes contain intricate detailing. Sharks actually have very good eyes...
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Calling all action sports filmmakers
Calling all filmmakers. Factory’s Prime and Fire, the world's leading action sports creative agency and publisher whose clients include Nike and O2, has teamed up with Talenthouse, the world’s platf...