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I think there needs to be a bigger button/scroll thing for most recently added, also it doesn't seem to show the most recent adds.
Idol Manufactoring Photo/Videographer <br /><br /><br /><br />"Your stupid is making my smart hurt."<br /><br /><br />You know you're a longboarder when... <br />When you consider using you e brake in your car to slow down and corner<br />When you see a yoyo and wonder how it handles in the rain<br />When you pull standies in your socks on a hardwood floor<br />When you get a bump wile driving you car and the suspension wobbles and you first thought is how am i going to ride this out<br />When you get a F on a research paper on primates and apes because you wrote about inheats
Yup we know about that too thanks Matt!

It should be fixed soon in the meantime you can see the recent videos and photos on the archives:
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