What size should a splitboard be?

Anyone know if a splitboard should be bigger than a regular snowboard? I usually like a smaller board (I'm 6'1" and usually ride around a 157 or 158) but was thinking it might make sense to go quite a lot bigger on a new splitboard when I can get one. It just makes sense that a split should be bigger because it has more surface area for skinning, and is also bigger for surfing pow, and will also go faster which helps for getting over flats. Do backcountry skiers usually go bigger for touring skis?
For touring it's harder to skin up with a shorter board or shorter skis, but it's not necessarily slower, just a more difficult technique.

You probably want a longer board, like what you would want for a regular powder board, maybe take a few cm off if it's reverse camber.

You don't want to go too big or you will start to sacrifice mobility especially in the trees and you start adding more and more weight which is important in the backcountry.
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