skate to live . live without fear.

The first time I put on a pair of in-line skates it was approximately 1992, and somehow they were rented, not purchased. I was with a girl I wanted to impress. No fear, no pressure, just put the boots on and see what happens....right? After a few circles in the parking lot, everything seemed normal. So what next? Hills, obviously. It was the weekend, so traffic on the University of Texas Campus was light. 24th Street heading East across Guadalupe into campus. Suddenly, I am going really fast with no knowledge of how to control speed, or brake. I was a good skier at the time so I focused on controlling my speed with serpentine action, not having a clue how to brake. That did not work, too wobbly. That hill is steep and winding. So, the first time I ever put on skates I was out of control flying down a hill with no helmet, no padding, no shin guards, no wrist guards. Absolutely nothing safe about it. That feeling of being out of control. That feeling of doing something you know you could get hurt. Doing something most people deem as really stupid, yet surfacing alive. To be enthusiastic about something. To have something you care about dearly. To know that you don't actually have to get anywhere. Sport isn't always about the blue ribbon or the gold trophy or the cash prize. Stoked is a feeling. You get it when your whole body raises it's hairs and you go goose. Find that. It does not matter what your choice is. What matters is the feeling you get when you do it.

I made it to the bottom of the hill without falling. I was terrified, but I knew I found something. 20 years under the bridge and I love putting on those boots and learning to fly.
I used to do shows for rollerblading, I still get out to do a show every year.
So much fun
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