E-Tour du Mont-Blanc 2021 - Day 2 Highlights

MTB video posted November 14, 2021 by World of Freesports  World of Freesports

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E-Tour du Mont-Blanc 2021 - Day 2 Highlights

“Day 2 of the E-Tour du Mont Blanc 2021 is in the books! Yesterday, the professional e-bikers completed stage 2 after 85 kilometres, 4400 vertical metres uphill and 4600 metres downhill and what a blast they had: From the Italian village of Cormayeur the riders started their journey at 5:30am, watching the sunrise in the Swiss Alps shortly after that. At kilometre 18, they crossed the Italian/French border near the Col de la Seigne and stopped at kilometre 42, to refuel their e-bikes.”

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