Angry Mom Punches Skater at Skatepark

Skateboard video posted August 23, 2013 by Official Genius  Official Genius

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Angry Mom Punches Skater at Skatepark

“skater gets punched for accidentally running into little boy. (on his birthday). this clip is from Leland Goldberg's part in "Warm Gravy" a skateboarding video by Daniel Miranda”

Dave Lawton

Wow talk about over-reaction, it was clearly an accident Unhappy
Skater Bebo

what the f*ck is wrong with kids... they think they own this world just by running where ever they want as if its ok and it was clearly and accident -.-

At first I thought it was a skatepark and the kid should have been more careful just running around in front of skateboarders, but now I don't think it's a skatepark so it's the skaters fault too but it was obviously an accident and the skater was really cool about it asking if he was ok and everyth...
señor potato el chupacabras

the mom must be in the period