POV Rooftop Parkour

Parkour video posted September 16, 2013 by whisdude  whisdude

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POV Rooftop Parkour

“Amazing POV parkour in Southampton, England. This dude is nuts, some of this is hard even to watch!”

In this video:  England POV Parkour

Dave Lawton

This is incredible, I'm getting freaked out just watching some of those jumps can't imagine doing it. How is the camera so smooth?
Daren Strange

The camera is incredibly smooth. He must either have a rig or the shakes were removed in post production. Outstanding use of a camera. Part of me keeps thinking that there is a jewelry heist somewhere in this video. Part Pink Panther and part A Fish Called Wanda.
Petri Helin

James Kingston has to be one of the best traceaurs
aaron landers

Really smooth camera :)
Amir Zakeri

so sick! love it