'Hard Times but Good Times' New Tom Penny Par

Skateboard video posted October 21, 2012 by Dave Lawton  Dave Lawton

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'Hard Times but Good Times' New Tom Penny Part!

“New full part from Tom Penny and Skate Sauce filmed at some great new spots in Barcelona. The dude has so much style and is so stoked on life just loves skating around for fun and having a good time!”

In this video:  Tom Penny Skate Sauce Barcelona

Matt Scott

Look at them baggy jeans!
Keldon Hugh

what's the song?
eric Roberts

Sounds like a slowed down
"I against I" - Jedi Mind Tricks, just the instrumental though, but Idk what that's actually called.
eric Roberts

Yea, it is I against I with the sample just heard "Illidelph" part of the song..
Colin Russell

hes good dude!
Aris Fabian Vasquez Soto