slow motion for yaa

Skateboard video posted October 13, 2013 by jason bastian  jason bastian

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slow motion for yaa


Unusual skateboarding tricks in super slow motion. The first part was filmed with a Redlake N3 high speed camera at 1,000 frames per second. Jason Bastian footage was filmed with a Sony FS700 at 240 frames per second.

Mike Freeland - full cab double flip
Austyn Rheinhart - Fakie ghetto bird
Austyn Rheinhart - Double hardflip (or hard double flip)
Austyn Rheinhart - Nollie back foot impossible
Dustin Blauvelt - Hardflip backside 360 (or ghettoer bird)
Jason Bastian - Nollie shuv late varial flip (or nollie 360 shuv late flip)
Jason Bastian - Switch kickflip late backside shuv
Jason Bastian - Nollie heelflip late shuv
Jason Bastian - Switch shuv late varial flip (or switch 360 shuv late flip)

Thanks to Raven Underground for the music. This song is called Raven Year Part I.

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Some of this footage was filmed in collaboration with my friends at Beyond Slow Motion. Check out their channel here

In this video: 

Dave Lawton


wtf all switch?!?!
jason bastian

everything I did at the end was switch and nollie.

Daren Strange

Inspiring. Jason and his team are producing the best high frame rate work.
jason bastian

if you guys wanna check out ashomsky and skapo channels on youtube, you will find more great stuff. my tricks wouldnt be anything without these guys amazing camera Technics.

Awesome!! :D

nice work dude