Surf video posted October 28, 2013 by whisdude  whisdude

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“Portugal has been getting some of the biggest waves of all time and the world record may have been broken! This morning Maya Gabeira took a 70-foot wave to the head and was knocked unconscious underwater for several minutes, she was close to death but was rescued and her limp body was dragged to shore, she is recovering in hospital with a broken ankle god speed!”

Dave Lawton

OMG so gnarly glad she is ok!

This video is lame! No one even rides a wave until 2:50. I certainly hope that is not considered a world record. Get to the trough of the wave if you want to claim it!
Daren Strange

Bold words. Can you expand on the concept of the trough of a wave? I imagine this particular world record will be hotly contested.
Daren Strange

Active video. Big numbers. Is the view count through First 10k view count .. and it might get it done in 24 hours. Good news for
Jack Dawson

The buildup of the waves at 3:00 is crazy, it looks like they are surfing in the middle of a storm.
Calvin Reeves

That wave at 3:20 is one of the biggest I've ever seen