Myley Cyrus Skateboarding

Skateboard video posted October 31, 2013 by Official Genius  Official Genius

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Myley Cyrus Skateboarding

“Miley Skating with friends. spartan, freddy Krueger, scooby doo, shaggy, ninja pimp, bart simpson, catwoman. MAJER”

Dave Lawton

Hahaha this is truly EPIC! Miley is running the skate game!
Jack Dawson

Wow funny video, title is misleading though I actually thought she there Smile Some crazy tricks in this video!
Micheal jenkins

Hahaha woah! Miley is just taking over everything !
Jonathan Duley

AMAZING!!!!! Inspired

sooo good :)
Mathias Nesensohn

Really funny stuff with some great tricks...

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