slow dayz 3

Skateboard video posted November 26, 2013 by jason bastian  jason bastian

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slow dayz 3

“Hey guys! This has been in the works for a while now and I am hyped to finally be able to share it with you guys! Ryan Thompson and Jason Bastian have been putting down one gnarly trick right after the next.

HUGE thanks to Panama and Future Classic for the epic music! They are a freaking amazing band and you all should definitely check em out. Here are some links to their stuff.
Song: "Always: by Panama
Music Video:

I filmed all of this on a Sony FS700 @ 240FPS in 1080p

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Trick List
0:17 Switch Shuvit Rewind (Jason)
0:25 Nollie Gazelle Flip (Jason)
0:34 Nollie Inward Heel (Ryan)
0:41 Frontside Shuvit Rewind (Ryan)
0:50 Switch FS Heelflip Lipslide (Jason)
1:15 Crooked Grind (Jonathan Bastian)
1:22 Switch FS Shuvit Late Varial Heelflip (Jason)
1:31 Nollie Bigspin Late Varial Flip (Jason)
1:40 Long Front Smith (Ryan)
1:56 Balanced Nose Grind (Ryan)
2:12 Fakie Ollie to Switch Overcrook 180 to Nose Grind (Ryan)
2:21 Noseslide FS Shuvit Noseslide (Ryan)
2:30 FS 5-0 to Switch Crook (Ryan)
2:40 Gap Noseslide Bigspin (Jason)
2:50 Noseslide Pop Switch FS Noseslide (Jason)
3:01 Nollie Gazelle to Axle Stall (Jason)
3:07 Switch Blunt Stall FS Flip (Jason)
3:16 720 Flip (Ryan)
3:36 Nollie Hardflip (Dominique Goings)

-Darren Dyk”

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Dave Lawton

Awesome dude love your slow mo videos this one's awesome, love the leaves blowing and the sunset shots, some insane late flips too! Great work on this one...amazing....
Epica Pictures

nice work
Ben Bradley