Nollie Front-Foot Kickflips with GEORGE VARGAS

Skateboard video posted December 27, 2013 by Official Genius  Official Genius

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Nollie Front-Foot Kickflips with GEORGE VARGAS

“In this weeks Clip, George teaches you how to to do nollie front-footed kickflips at the flatspot in downtwon Reno, Nv. This trick tips is real secret sauce, so everyone has got to be ready to come with the correctness for the cheetos man's magical powers to work. Get stewy on tech dech with the pee-wees out there, and then onto the real size. Vargas has teeshirts with his face on the for sale at, and is coming with a weekly video called Vargas Time later in May.”


wow so much pop to get those on lock...this dude is jokes haha sick trick tip!!