2 Year Old Skater Still In Diapers!

Skateboard video posted January 25, 2014 by Ben Bradley  Ben Bradley

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2 Year Old Skater Still In Diapers!

“Hahaha this little gromlinz is killin it his name is Kahlie Stone-Kelly the future looks bright for skating!”

In this video:  Gromlinz Kahlie Stone-Kelly

Daren Strange

At first I thought this would be a gimmick, but the kid has skills. Think about a skateboard, and the core strength required to actually operate one as a vehicle. Going from one place to another faster because you can operate a skateboard. It is an exceptional skill. KUDOS for teaching how to go...
Jack Dawson

Completely agree, this is something you for sure don't see everyday. Most people I imagine don't have the muscles to board at this age.
Dave Lawton

This is awesome!! Way to go lil dude he's gonna an epic skater without a doubt.

rad little dude