Illegal Basejump from Peak 2 Peak in Whistler

Basejump video posted February 15, 2014 by whisdude  whisdude

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Illegal Basejump from Peak 2 Peak in Whistler

“This dude made an illegal basejump from the gondolas spanning between Whistler and Blackcomb mountains, he also damaged the security mechanism on the door to pull it off and then posted the video showing himself and his friend on Youtube. The girl has already been arrested (she works at Longhorns) but the guy is still on the run with a warrant out for his arrest. Pretty crazy stunt but the basejump community isn't happy about it saying it's a disgrace to the community, what do you think?”

Daren Strange

Does anyone actually believe this guy's motivation was a tribute to Shane McConkey?

I will never support property damage; estimates range from $5,000 to $10,000. The title says...McConkey Reborn. Apparently, Whistler sanctioned a similar jump in 2008 by Shane McConkey

Choked. Choked. Choked.

Dave Lawton

I agree with Daren, breaking property and calling it a tribute to a great athlete is NOT COOL! and posting it online with your face?!? not the brightest crayon in the box!
Jack Dawson

On here it says the video is blocked but this would be a really stupid move. I watched it when it was out I can't believe that someone would do this.