Frozen Inline Skating

Inline Skate video posted February 20, 2014 by Dave Lawton  Dave Lawton

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Frozen Inline Skating

“Awesome event from Red Bull with a frozen skate park and ice skates!”

Daren Strange

Jaw dropped. Red Bull. I first had one in the early 90's and thought.... tasty. Did not expect a soda company to buy helicopters, airplanes, race cars, and soccer teams. Red Bull has swagger.
Kyle Larsonn

This is just amazing. The amount of balance and dexterity this takes, boggles my mind. I agree with Daren on the fact that it's amazing how red bull started out as a drink, and are now a company that does some pretty rad stuff!
Gabor Stiglincz

Pretty cool stuff, check out how RedBull Crashed Ice guys train for the event! ;) nline-on-snow-marco-...