Cityhopper Europe Documentary

Inline Skate video posted February 23, 2014 by Remy Cadier  Remy Cadier

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Cityhopper Europe Documentary

“Cityhopper conquering Europe!
One professional Inline skater, 2 professional cameramen, one photographer
and a production crew set off to visit 5 of Europe's most influential cities in an
attempt to bring Cityhopper ramp to as many beautiful and well known locations
as possible

The documentary gives a glimpse into Sven's life on the road, and the struggles
of travelling around Europe carring an 80+ Kilo ramp everywhere.

Interview with Sven:”

Dave Lawton

This is wicked... bringing the huge ramp everywhere is super cool it opens up a new world of possibilities. Sven puts in WORK dude gets so much footage!
Dave Lawton

So many amazing skate of the best inline skate videos I've ever seen.
Daren Strange

Rare; when a video is worthy of the hard line, big screen, sound system. Only a couple of guys have ever made in-line mad cool. Arlo and Sven. Arlo has a cameo from '96. Cityhopper is moneybong.