Parkour FAIL Compilation

Parkour video posted March 8, 2014 by ClutchLine Freerunning  ClutchLine Freerunning

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Parkour FAIL Compilation

“Collection of fails, bails, and falls from a total of 3 years of training. Meant to provide some laughs.”

Dave Lawton

Great compilation some are hilarious some look like they had to hurt...I like the funny ones more haha!
Jack Dawson

What happened at 0:30? Did the guy just random pass out before the flip. I think its wrong that I'm laughing at this.
ClutchLine Freerunning

haha no he just had never done a backflip off of a ledge before. He had only done it on flat ground. So, he didn't know to jump back enough and came really close to hitting his head.
aaron landers

Nice video so funny :)