Bow and Arrow Parkour

Parkour video posted March 12, 2014 by Ben Bradley  Ben Bradley

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Bow and Arrow Parkour

“Bow and arrow shooting tricks, this is so sick!”

Dave Lawton

seems dangerous but looks crazy cool some of the flip shots are like "whaaat how did that just happen?!?!" almost wish some of them were in slow motion

Parkour is a sport where you try to complete movement in the most efficient way possible, Free-Running is in the most stylish. This is definitely not the most efficient way.

yeah its more like freerunning or tricking i think so too
Alexandre Pla

Quite dangerous for the cameraman
Dave Lawton

Good point, that didn't even occur to me the first time I watched this. I wonder if the cameraman is wearing a bunch of protective gear just in case something goes wrong!
Oleg Bondarenko

ohhh awesome!)