Shark in the Barrel with Kelly Slater

Surf video posted April 8, 2014 by Dave Lawton  Dave Lawton

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Shark in the Barrel with Kelly Slater

“Although this entry from Kelly Slater into the GoPro challenge at Margies is awesome in it's own right, the video is particularly interesting because of the shark in the wave at 0:17 - It's actually kind of hard to tell what it is exactly and there has been some debate over it but after watching it a bunch of times personally I do think it looks a lot like a big f'n shark, what do you think?”

Daren Strange

Chad Johnson

That's crazy, just imagine if you got spooked and fell off next to it. That's where traction pads come in handy as well as surfboard waxed well. I have almost fallen and the traction saved me from slipping in.