Warpquad - The Fastest Drone In The World

Other video posted June 8, 2014 by Ben Bradley  Ben Bradley

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Warpquad - The Fastest Drone In The World

“Soma from Australia makes the fastest quadcopters in the world right now. It's unreal how fast the warpquad flies, at first the video looks like it's just playing at a fast speed because that's how fast the warpquad actually goes. The ability to pilot this craft at that speed is by far the most impressive part, although some good crashes are bound to happen (big crash at 0:55 and more later).”

Dave Lawton

Impressive...it really is an amazing feat to be able to fly anything moving so fast.
Markus Östman

i woud crash that in 1 min
Andy Stewart

That is so crazy fast
stephanie cox

nice hmmmmmm