Dude Jumps Cliff Next To Great White Shark

Other video posted June 11, 2014 by Sonreal  Sonreal

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Dude Jumps Cliff Next To Great White Shark

“Terry Tufferson jumps off a cliff and almost lands on a great white shark in Sydney, Australia. An amazingly terrifying encounter follows and fortunately the guy is wearing a GoPro and the shark is curious but fairly chill...the very end of the video pretty much sums it up! Now the obvious question, is it real or fake what do you think?”

Dave Lawton

Crazy video...hard to tell if it's real or not, it does seem real in some ways but slightly suspect in other ways. The way the guy reacts by yelling underwater seems like a bit of a weird reaction but who knows how you or anyone else would really react in that situation. It all seems a little too pl...

I agree, it could be real but seems a bit fake, and the dude's name is Terry Tufferson? That definitely sounds like a made up name if I ever heard one lol
Dave Lawton

haha for sure
Markus Östman

haha wtf
Mark Williams

This is insane. I doubt this is real as you said Dave he is just laughing it off at the end there. If that was me I would be freaking the hell out not laughing it off.