Gabriel Medina & Filipe Toledo Share Wave in Fiji

Surf video posted June 12, 2014 by Dave Lawton  Dave Lawton

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Gabriel Medina & Filipe Toledo Share Wave in Fiji

“GoPro of the World entry #28 - Amazing doubles ride with camera hand-off and both surfers ripping it up and nailing their's kinda gross when Filipe licks the GoPro but you gotta admit it is effective!”


great raw clip but the gopro lick is definitely gnarly lol
Dave Lawton

Anyone know what break this is?
Dave Lawton

guessing it's restaurants?
Mark Williams

That lick is sketchy as hell! Awesome wave and riding though, really like the turns off the top of it.
Ben Bradley

this is sick
Jack Dawson

Love the GoPro view on this wave, epic!
Calvin Reeves

Those were some sweet moves, makes me wanna get back out and surf right now!