Double kong 1st ever outside

Parkour video posted June 29, 2014 by aaron landers  aaron landers

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Double kong 1st ever outside

“My first ever attempt outside please like and comment ... And subscribe to my YouTube channel link is here >>.

Jack Dawson

I boggles my mind how people can perform these types of feats. I have attempted things like this multiple times, and It has always resulted in failure. Do you have any tips that could help my improve my technique?
aaron landers

Yeah what I used that helped me was I did a kong precision till I could do It every time then I stood on one wall and konged down to the other wall then I just wen for the double kong :)
Also helps me to put some dubstep on and do it when the best kicks in :) hope any of this helps
Leonard Kale

That was executed perfectly! You had great form and posture. It may be the first, but hopefully its the first of many! Keep it up man!
aaron landers

Thanks man means a lot :)