"Passing of Brotherhood" // Parkour & Freerunning

Parkour video posted September 7, 2014 by Martin Friedrich  Martin Friedrich

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"Passing of Brotherhood" // Parkour & Freerunning

“Our second attempt of a story-based Parkour & Freerunning Video! Hope you enjoy it! I´d be happy about any comment/feedback and share!
Greetz from Team Obsession, Austria!”

Dave Lawton

This is REALLY cool definitely one of the best parkour videos I have ever seen! When the branch broke and the guy fell was that on purpose? Can't wait for the next round :)
Martin Friedrich

Thanks for the feedback!
The broken branch was by actually a little accident which we then happily included into the video ;-))
Dave Lawton

Ah cool I was wondering if it was an accident, funny how it worked out so perfectly for the video!
Heathlon St. Rose