Down the Line - Surfing Chicama, Peru

Surf video posted September 17, 2014 by Gabor Stiglincz  Gabor Stiglincz

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Down the Line - Surfing Chicama, Peru

“We teamed up with Adventure Sports Miami (, NP Surf, and Imagine Paddle Surf to explore Puerto Malabrigo, Peru, home to one of the longest waves in the world, Chicama. Based out of the Chicama Surf Resort (, we experienced the wave on shortboards, longboards, SUPs, and hand planes. When it's on, it breaks for over a mile and graces it's visitors with rides over two minutes long!”

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Dave Lawton

Awesome, great aerial views! As a goofy-foot surfer this place has been on my bucket list for a while...looks sooo epic thanks for sharing!
Calvin Reeves

The footage is awesome, and the music goes well with it as well.