Transparent Cardboard Surfboard

Surf video posted September 25, 2014 by Sonreal  Sonreal

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Transparent Cardboard Surfboard

“The creative geniuses at Signal Snowboards wanted to complete a unique summer project so they made a surfboard out of cardboard. Apparently the board was much more difficult to make than they anticipated and took over a month of trial-and-error to get it shaped and working well. The board is made from paper cardboard in a honeycomb shape with a layer of polyurethane around it for waterproofing and finally a thin layer of fiberglass. The guys at Futures fins even made some cardboard fins to match...surprisingly it works well and looks amazing, plus being able to see fish under the board while surfing is pretty cool!”

Dave Lawton

Such a cool board, love the see-through design! Or I guess you could say "sea-through design" sorry couldn't resist I'll show myself out haha :)