Introducing the GoPro Hero4

Other video posted September 29, 2014 by Dave Lawton  Dave Lawton

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Introducing the GoPro Hero4

“GoPro made the announcement about their new camera today and it looks amazing!

They seem to be mainly focusing on the 4K resolution at 30fps (watch the video in 4k for the full experience, although it may still be more than your computer or connection can handle well) but some of the other features look great too. Personally I really like the built-in wifi capabilities and improved sound, processing, 1080p @ 120fps and low-light features.

To be honest though, I'm sure most people were already expecting most of these features after the months of speculation and "leaks" that have been going around. Although one very surprising thing is the confirmation that the Silver edition will have a built-in touch display on the back, but the (more expensive) Black edition will not! Interesting to see GoPro starting to vastly differentiate between the pro videographer who wants serious 4k and the amateur videographer who wants to easily and quickly see what they are filming.

Don't get me wrong the new cameras look incredible, the best anyone has ever seen by far, but after all the speculation the thing which I found most surprising about the announcement is that the release date is October 4 which is only a few days awesome!”