Dirtbike Backflips over Aerobatic Plane

Moto video posted October 28, 2014 by Gabor Stiglincz  Gabor Stiglincz

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Dirtbike Backflips over Aerobatic Plane

“On a sunny, windless, fall morning, Glen Dell took off from a remote airstrip in the North West bushveld to perform a stunt with FMX rider Nick de Wit. He was to fly his Extra 300 aerobatics aircraft low enough for Nick to backflip his dirtbike over it.”

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Dave Lawton

WOOOOW that was awesome it must have been crazy to be upside down and look down and see a plane under you! The shot at 7:23 is unreal, amazing piloting skills from Glen Dell not much room for error there, sad to hear he passed away RIP