Whistler Timelapse 2014

Snowboard video posted October 29, 2014 by Dave Lawton  Dave Lawton

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Whistler Timelapse 2014

“Compilation of timelapses I randomly filmed at spots all around the Whistler mountains and valleys over this past year...I'm living in Van this winter and will miss it a LOT!
The edit turned out a bit more rough than I planned but I kinda liked how it captured some moments in a rough and realistic and not too polished way.
At 0:31 was my first time testing out a new noboard concept (aka powsurf aka snowboarding without bindings), at 1:07 a rainbow streched from Cheakamus Lake and landed on Whistler Mtn, and in the last clip I biked to a lake and was fishing when I happened to catch a beautiful sunset, all of it was filmed using a GoPro 3.”