Speed Skating Christmas Lights

Inline Skate video posted January 2, 2015 by caron  caron

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Speed Skating  Christmas Lights

“Speed skating Illumination.
Place in the magic of Christmas where even the wheels light up wishing you all happiness and even more pleasure with your wheels for the coming year and for all those who will follow!
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In this video:  roller skate downhill inline

Dave Lawton

Cool how did you get the wheels to glow so bright?!?

Secret sorry! Lol ! (^_^)
but when I have time I will say more on my page :) ;) https://www.facebook.com/fcvid eo
Dave Lawton

hahaha ok ;)
Frankie James

You should be selling these wheels online! Look forward to hearing more about this : )
Daren Strange

Wheels are interesting. Video is weak compared to ... say ... firefly.

http://stoked.com/video/337/fi refly/