Backyard Mini Ramp Rollerblading Cable Cam Footage

Inline Skate video posted January 6, 2015 by Andy Stewart  Andy Stewart

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Backyard Mini Ramp Rollerblading Cable Cam Footage

“First Live Testing of my DIY Cable Cam Rig for my GoPro. Lots of fun skating on my backyard setup with my Rollerblade Coyote's. I think it worked out well for a pretty cheap setup I put together. Thanks again to Ken McGinn for the great Pics. Fun Day in Danger Bay.
Music - Lino Rise - Rabenschwarz
I hope you like the video, We had fun making it!
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Dave Lawton

Cool idea I like how you just let go of the camera as you start, it's nice and simple nothing too complicated. The only problem is that the camera is shaking too much, some kind of stabilizer or gimbal or something would probably help a lot.
Daren Strange

Or post production. I think there is software that will crop and recenter frames so the video is stationary.
Andy Stewart

Thanks, the line had a bit of slack so it was hittin the roof. I fixed that for the snow one