Backyard Skiing Setup Clips

Ski video posted January 6, 2015 by Andy Stewart  Andy Stewart

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Backyard Skiing Setup Clips

“First snowfall of the year so time to test out some new angles for our backyard park. Matt Finally got some usable footage with his DJI Phantom 2. Fun little Backyard Session before the Christmas Thaw.
Music - Bensound - Moose
I hope you like the video, We had fun making it!
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Dave Lawton

Nice setup and filming! It would be better if the follow-cam didn't hit the tree so hard, maybe if the line was more slack it would slow more naturally as it goes up toward the tree?
Daren Strange

So, It looks like Andy is a multi-sport equal opportunity athlete. That is stoked.
Andy Stewart

Thanks guys.
I like to have fun during all seasons