Aiguille du Midi - Jokke Sommer

Basejump video posted January 7, 2015 by Daren Strange  Daren Strange

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Aiguille du Midi - Jokke Sommer

“Devastatingly beautiful. Turns out base jumping is an excellent way to see scenery you don't see. Let's try to get Jokke to premier his next video on stoked.”

Dave Lawton

Incredible how close he goes above the ground, amazing video thanks for sharing. I just saw he posted on facebook about this jump: "My first jump from Aiguille du Midi made my palms sweat! This was probably the most scared I have ever been before a jump, but the flight from nearly 4000m made me want...
Daren Strange

I messaged him, and he responded. He said we could use his videos he posts on Facebook. Not sure how to link.