World's fastest wingsuit flyby?

Basejump video posted January 18, 2015 by marc andre denault  marc andre denault

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World's fastest wingsuit flyby?

“This is probably the world fastest wingsuit flyby. Speed reached over 150 mph in my tonysuit S-bird. The S-bird is the fastest suit I ever flown, thanks tony wingsuit!”

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Dave Lawton

FAST like a missile haha awesome!
Dave Lawton

Also wondering what camera this is from? Looks like there's some sort of problem causing ghosting in the slow motion, could be that the frame rate of the slow motion is too low for the frame rate of the raw footage or something like that. The GoPro studio has a new ability to do super slow motion (i...
marc andre denault

Hello dave, the camera my friend was using is a go pro 2. This is old footage I downloaded on vimeo that's why. peace
Dave Lawton

ooooh cool ok nevermind then :)