Play in the snow MTB Scotland

MTB video posted January 19, 2015 by Rupert Smiler  Rupert Smiler

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Play in the snow MTB Scotland

“Winter Mountain biking up the kilpatrick hills in Scotland in the snow”

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Dave Lawton

Whoa this is so good! Fast riding and big hits for those conditions, have you tried a fat bike yet? Just curious what you prefer.
Rupert Smiler

cheers dude.Never rode a fat bike
Dave Lawton

I haven't either, but I'd like too, it would probably be a ton of fun in conditions like this!
Dave Lawton

There's some awesome video in here only suggestion would be to make the edit a little tighter and just show the best parts, just think it might make the overall video a bit more exciting, but it's awesome as is just a suggestion :)
Rupert Smiler

i`m pretty useless at editing videos so i`m always up for some good advice!
Ben Bradley


nice ride dude !