Edelweiss Park SnoPRK 2015 Run Through

Ski video posted January 19, 2015 by Andy Stewart  Andy Stewart

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Edelweiss Park SnoPRK 2015 Run Through

“January 15, 2015
Took a clean run through the Rockstar SnoPRK at Edelweiss Ski Resort and thought I would share it so you can see how awesome the park is so far. I have been getting a seasons pass there for 7 years or so now and they always have the best park in the area.
Music By Gunnar Olsen - Barge (YouTube Audio Library)
I hope you like the video, We had fun making it! More Great Video at http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCbq7JX

Dave Lawton

Nice run through and cool perspective from the pole like that, huge 360 too! I thought the pausing the video wasn't really all that necessary, there's enough time in between each feature to show some descriptions, still cool though that's just what came to mind as I was watching :)
Andy Stewart

Thanks for the imput. I was thinking after I was done that maybe a slow mo might have been better and cut down the video a bit. Just the text probably would have worked well. It was my first edit using Sony Movie Studio Platinum 13. It is a lot better the Windows Movie Maker.