This Japanese Kid Is The Next Rodney Mullen!

Skateboard video posted January 21, 2015 by Ben Bradley  Ben Bradley

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This Japanese Kid Is The Next Rodney Mullen!

“11-year-old Isamu Yamamoto's amazing win at the 2014 world skateboard freestyle amateur contest.”

Dave Lawton

wow tough tricks with amazing consistency!
Daren Strange

I watched the video a few times the series at @ 40 seconds where he is on the side of his board is impressive.
Mark Waters

"Next Rodney Mullen?" Get real. By age 11, in the late 1970's, Rodney was already inventing the moves and tricks that this youngster is doing now, and there are hundreds of skaters that can do this routine. The kid is a good skateboarder, but until he starts creating tricks that have never been done...
Ben Bradley

I guess "could be the next rodney" would have been better but still he is only 11 and is REALLY good here's a new trick from him samu-yamamoto-rail-f...
Daren Strange

It is good to have any argument about what is stoked. The kid may or may not have any future in the sport. What if someone gives him a snowboard and a season pass?