In the depths of winter // Hochkönig Mountain 2015

Snowboard video posted February 8, 2015 by Paul Kulschew  Paul Kulschew

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In the depths of winter // Hochkönig Mountain 2015

“Some footage from our trip to Hochknig (Austria) in February 2015.

Recorded with a SJCAM - SJ4000 Wifi
Music: Apollo Brown”

Dave Lawton

Hey Paul, cool video conditions look good there! Haven't heard of that camera before and the opening logo made me do a double take and laugh...just from looking at it seems like it's very similar to the GoPro and uses the same chip from Ambarella, how do you like the camera? I'd sa...
Paul Kulschew

Thanks Dave! In my opinion the videos of the sj are definitely better than the ones of a hero 2. It´s nearly comparable to a hero 3!
The original video is much sharper and the colors are so much better than on the youtube video. Opening logo is not selfmade ;-)
Dave Lawton

Ok thanks for the info, so why is the original so much better than on youtube? Do you mean just because of the compression youtube uses, or that this video here isn't the best quality? Usually GoPro is able to get their Hero3 edits and even their Hero2 edits looking pretty amazing on youtube so just...