Best of WRC Wales GB GoPro HD 2014

Auto video posted February 17, 2015 by Cerith Halfpenny  Cerith Halfpenny

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Best of WRC Wales GB GoPro HD 2014

“Slammed together some of the best clips I shot on my GoPro at Rally Wales GB nationals at Dyfnant. Some stunning Ford Escorts tearing up the track, even the good old Lancia Stratos made an appearance!
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Dave Lawton

Cool, never really watched a rally race up close like that looks fun to check out. Not a huge fan of the camera spinning down like in the first few shots kinda made me feel dizzy lol but that's just my opinion I liked the last 2 shots the best!
Cerith Halfpenny

Love the sound of those waste gates when it sounds like a squirrel going through the engine!