5th Montafon Banked Slalom

Snowboard video posted April 1, 2015 by Official Genius  Official Genius

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5th Montafon Banked Slalom

“To all snowboard lovers,
last weekend, Gargellen, Austria, was the theater of the #5 annual Montafon Banked Slalom.
Despite a changeable weather, around 140 racers battled through 21 banks, handshaped by the crew for the last two weeks.
This year riding level made it to the next step with riders like Terje Haakonsen, Stefan Maurer, Christian Haller, Nicholas Wolken, Marco Feichtner, Elias Elhardt or Marco Smolla!
Overall an exiting event growing every year and giving back to snowboarding.”

Dave Lawton

This looks so fun, that's awesome some huge names like Terje were there. Hmmm people standing around at a contest drinking beers...yup that's definitely Europe haha :)