3D Robotics Launches Solo Smart Drone

Other video posted April 13, 2015 by Ben Bradley  Ben Bradley

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3D Robotics Launches Solo Smart Drone

“3DR just announced a new smart drone, and with some of the most advanced drone operation and GoPro integration ever this is a gamechanger for the future of drones...”

Dave Lawton

This drone looks incredible! I had a random idea for a phone app which does something similar to the cable cam feature but this is way better (would still be cool if you could wave the phone in the air to set the path though). This is definitely one of the biggest things in video ever and the start ...
Dave Lawton

The close collaboration with GoPro is really interesting because I think that's an indication that GoPro isn't going to start making their own drones anytime soon. Probably a good move since lots of companies are getting really good at making drones and they all work with GoPro cameras. It's also in...
Mathias Nesensohn

WOW, the thing I am really missing in my Videos... hmmmmm...