The Search For Freedom 1st Official Trailer

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The Search For Freedom 1st Official Trailer

“Universal and The Earth Network present the untold story of the human search for freedom.

"The action sports movement came from humble beginnings and has become a way of life for so many. This is a real story of the action sports revolution and some of the people who fueled it with verve, imagination and courage." says director Jon Long, "This film is about the freedom that comes when you become completely immersed in the moment, when all of your focus and energy is fully directed to that place and time."

At first the film wasn't intended to focus on freedom, but after it kept coming up as a recurring theme over and over again in interviews with athletes the film began to focus on it and explore it more.

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Dave Lawton

Absolutely spectacular trailer, literally got shivers! The evolution continues!
Daren Strange

Auto-stoked. Goose bumps, too. The search for that feeling. Sort of tells the story of being stoked.
Dave Lawton

It does for sure, I was thinking the exact same thing while watching this trailer, the movie could just as easily be called "The Search For Stoked" haha :) I've never really thought about how much correlation there is between freedom and being stoked but there definitely is a strong connection, I th...
Daren Strange

I am sure that the word will be used at least once. Look for these documentaries, and try to get an interview. At some point, you must be considered an expert on the term stoked.
Mathias Nesensohn

Great Trailer, have to see it!!