Freebord - Like A Bullet Train

Other video posted April 23, 2015 by BMFmovement  BMFmovement

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Freebord - Like A Bullet Train

“Bomb-Hills nas ladeiras de Campos do Jordão,SP-Brasil.
That's a Freebord -Skate Like A Snowboarder”

Dave Lawton

That looks really fun (other than the bail at the end lol)...I've never even tried one of those boards but would really like to try one day :)

Yes it is mad fun...... the ride is so similar to snowboard and you can bomb hills or freestyle around the streets or skate parks.... it's called Freebord.
Dave Lawton

I snowboard and longboard quite a lot so would probably really like it then! I've seen Freebords in videos before just haven't tried one yet, one question just curious can you stop or slow down by sliding sideways if you give it pressure? I noticed in the bail at 2:04 that he just lies down on the g...