GoPro Virtual Reality Teaser

Other video posted April 28, 2015 by Dave Lawton  Dave Lawton

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GoPro Virtual Reality Teaser

“GoPro just announced the acquisition of Kolor, a leader in virtual reality and spherical video software, which means tons of exciting things are ahead! Although you can look around in this video in a web browser by dragging the mouse or using the arrow keys, the best experience would be to use a VR headset like the Oculus Rift or new Samsung Gear VR.”

In this video:  GoPro Kolor Virtual Reality Teaser

Ben Bradley

Dave Lawton

Also just discovered that if you watch this video on mobile or tablet it links to the Kolor Eyes app and there's a button in the app that allows you to look around the video by moving the device around in the air which is VERY cool (the button in the app looks like a phone with an arrow around it). ...