First Ever Throw-And-Shoot Drone

Other video posted May 12, 2015 by Dave Lawton  Dave Lawton

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First Ever Throw-And-Shoot Drone

“This drone called Lily has some really cool new features, like the ability to just throw it into the air and start tracking and filming, or throw it into water and then take-off from the surface of the water.

It's too bad it doesn't just have an attachment for other cameras (i.e. GoPro) instead of an onboard camera because then the camera part could be upgraded. On the other hand you don't have to buy another camera to use this, but I'm guessing most people who would want this already have other cameras, still it looks pretty awesome and groundbreaking!”

Dave Lawton

It's cool how this camera doesn't just follow it can also "lead" by being in front and looking back, don't think I've seen drones doing that automatically before.
Daren Strange

It is one of those ideas that developed from a weakness. It just seems obvious now, but this guy got it to market. Outstanding. I expect to see better videos on stoked. 2/technology/selfie-...
Dave Lawton

Totally, I think with the way the drone industry is going now there will just continue to be breakthrough after breakthrough in a very short amount of time and we will see many new iterations of drones like this which are building upon these innovations...exciting times ahead!